The Zone Escape Rooms Tempe sustaibability

We recycle all paper materials, manually adjust electricity during peak times, and provide access to a water jug instead of individual water bottles, but there are so many more ways to improve. We want to spread the importance of sustainability and how small changes can create big results.

International Students City Guide: Tempe

“…follow hints, use clues and otherwise put your heads together to finally open the lock” “…great activity for international students and their host families or classmates” “…an exciting bonding opportunity that brings everyone together”

The Best 5 Escape Rooms to Try in Phoenix

“Their 4 rooms hold up to 36 total players” ”Their newest and hardest room is The Island and includes a live actor in their immersive tropical experience” ”…cool idea for a date night, birthday party or something different to do with your friends” ”…a fun afternoon or a real challenge…” “…helpful and friendly staff…” “…the highest-rated escape room in the state!

New to Downtown Tempe: The Zone Escape Rooms

“…we were transported into an intricate prison movie scene” “It all looked so real!” “It was intense, hilarious, brain racking, and SO MUCH FUN!” “…everything is a piece to the puzzle!” “We spent the next hour over lunch talking about how amazingly intricate and truly challenging the puzzles were” “We will definitely be going back!”

Try something new in Tempe!

The Zone Escape Rooms– 414 S. Mill Ave. #112, Tempe, AZ 85281

“…stop a compromised train from crashing, breakout from a jail cell or try to uncover a hidden inheritance that your grandparents left behind” “Each theme has its own story line, puzzles and a series of problems to solve” “…you only have 60 minutes to find keys, follow the clues and crack the codes” “…the “Game Master” will send you hints to nudge you along the way” “…do you have what it takes?”

Live Escape Room & Haunt Reviews

“…a wonderful Escape Room company in a great location” “…games are innovative and clever” “…something special…” “…the storytelling in The Inheritance [was] superb” “…the puzzles and even the hint system were completely integrated into the story” “The jail did a wonderful job storytelling as well, but it’s hint system and use of space were most noteworthy”

Cracking The Code: Tempe’s Escape Room Is The Real Deal

“…your closest friends have to escape a room” “…a live-action gaming environment that involves cracking codes, solving clues, unlocking combinations and figuring out riddles…” “…common for corporate team building because success depends on communication” “…meant for anyone to enjoy” “…experiencing an escape room is no easy task…but it is a thrilling one!” “…we were transported to another world full of dolls, books, an old television and an eerie song playing on a loop” “Even though we went 20 minutes over and made plenty of mistakes, it was still a fun experience” “We’ll be back to take a crack at it again”

10 Of The Best Date Night Ideas In The Valley

“…great ways to connect with your date without technology. “…it’s just you and your partner” “…a great date activity because you and your partner can improve your communication skills, problem-solve and work towards a common goal…” “…sure to challenge you and your partner, while also creating a sense of excitement” “find yourself wanting to return to see if you can escape the other rooms”


“… the ultimate team building experience for any group” “…bridesmaids getting ready for the big day or colleagues about to start a huge project…” “…their truly unique experience is the The Island room where you can host a team of up to 16 people. Most other escape rooms max out at 8…” “it’s going to be a wild adventure!”

Best of Phoenix Escape Rooms

Great for Date Night
Rush Hour, The Zone Escape Rooms (Tempe)

Come celebrate your next double-date night, anniversary, or couple’s getaway with The Zone Escape Rooms. Escaping their train sure is a RUSH for an HOUR!

The 10 Best Escape Rooms in Arizona!

The Zone Escape Rooms - Tempe, AZ

“Each escape room features its own plot and varies in difficulty” “private bookings are also available”

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