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Why Choose Us?

We do things differently. Here at United Escapes of America we keep the players completely immersed in the environment, even when receiving clues!

Our games offer “parallel play” and “linear play”, which means that lots of things are going on at the same time, giving everyone something to do. Then the pieces all come together to make sense at the end. Usually with a rush of adrenaline!



Pele the Volcano Fire Goddess has slept for centuries. Today Pele will awaken and demand a human sacrifice. Four tribes compete for survival. Work fast and work smart to complete the challenge. Your life could depend on it. Welcome to the Big Kahuna Games!


You and your friends were hanging out, when a black van pulls up along side you and takes your entire group hostage. Turns out one of you are much more important than you were lead to believe. You must escape the cages or put your life on the line for the Ransom money being paid for everyone, and not just the VIP.


You and your friends were out for a night hike in the woods when you noticed a creepy old house on a dead end trail. Seeing the light flickering in the ATTIC, curiosity got the best of you. Once you get inside the door slams shut and locks behind you. You have 1 hour until midnight, when the house comes to LIFE, to steal yours!


Your daily commute just became extraordinary. The crazy guy on the news was right — there really is a disgruntled Metro worker and he’s determined to get the attention of management even at the peril of hundreds of passengers’ lives. Including YOURS! Can you stop the train before it reaches the end of the line?


Your team was out exploring the tombs of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. During the exploration, one of you removed a stone that was embedded in the old walls! Realizing the path you are walking down is collapsing behind you, you rush into the first corridor you see to get to safety. But now you find yourselves blocked in an area that’s not marked on the map. The only way to save yourselves is by finding the golden disk and presenting it to the Pharaoh. Hurry! You only have 60 minutes before the curse you’ve released takes over the crypt and traps you all in forever! Good luck!


Largest escape room facility in the world! 86 W University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201


Located next to NAU! Play Ski Lodge or Gambler’s Gambit.


Located inside Prescott Gateway Mall next to Dillard’s. Play Ringmaster, Midnight Express & Nikola’s Workshop.

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See all our locations and game options across the country! Physical, Online, By Mail, Seasonal, and Around the City!


Located in States across the Country, visit the Renaissance Festival and play our 15 Minute mini games. We have 8 in AZ, 3 in LA, and many more planned for 2022.


Order up the Fun of our Escape Rooms directly to your home in our play anywhere Escape Games. Each unique theme, more than 10 so far, have augmented reality when paired with a smart device, wood laser cut projects and much more. Stimulate your mind and your adventures all while getting delivery service!  


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Click below and give the gift to one of the most unique experiences in Mesa!


(Inside the courtyard on the west side of Mill Ave between 4th and 5th streets, an open breezeway between Glow Tempe and Starbucks)

Mill Avenue is frequently restricted for special events such as parades, marathons and festivals. If you arrive late, your game time may be shortened in order to remain on schedule. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR TRAFFIC.

Use Google Maps to show directions for parking. Parking costs $2.00/hour at any location.

First Choice: 154 W. 5th Street, Tempe, Az 85281

Second Choice: 381 S. Ash Ave, Tempe, Az 85281

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