You’re already familiar with escape rooms, but have you ever considered working for one? Playing an escape room is crazy fun and they’re popping up all over the Valley (and all over the world). The only thing better is WORKING at one!

The Zone Escape Rooms, in Downtown Tempe, is Arizona’s favorite escape game venue. We’re exploding and we’re looking for more employees, which we call “Game Masters.” As a Game Master, your job is to greet customers, check them in for their appointment, orient them with the safety rules and procedures, put them in the room and then watch on closed-circuit video as they take on the challenge. You provide help and clues along the way until they get out, either winning or losing the challenge. You take their picture, chat to wrap up their event, then send them on their way having had a positive experience every step of the way. It really is in your hands to make sure they remember their adventure in a positive way. Then you very quickly jump back in and “reset” and sanitize the room to prepare for the next group.

You need to be GREAT with people; assertive and not afraid to enforce rules; able to follow rules yourself; friendly, confident and engaging in all your interactions; able to role-play a character; capable of managing online reservations and check-ins; efficiently assist with resetting and sanitizing the rooms; conscientiously occupy downtime with cleaning and maintenance chores; handy with small tools to repair broken elements of the games on-the-fly. Stooping and light lifting are a necessary part of resetting the rooms. Must be energetic and physically capable of working on your feet for a full 6-hour to 8-hour shift. Typical age of employees is 20-30. Must be at least 18.

Our facility is located in a basement and one must be able to traverse 10-18 stairs.

Various shifts available, including days, evenings and weekends. Part-time hours, typically 10-30 hours a week. Great job for a college student or someone just looking to get out of the house.

PLEASE NOTE: every employee is “on call” as work depends entirely on customers booking into the various time slots. For example, even though you might be scheduled for 20 hours a week, you will only be called in (and paid) when there is a customer booking during your time slot. So we cannot guarantee any certain number of hours per week. If you need more hours, you may have the opportunity to pick up extra shifts when others request time off. Pay starts at $14.00/hr.

Must be available to start training immediately.

Must be professional in appearance and behavior. Customers include teenage birthday parties, corporate team-building events, girls night out, groups of friends, family gatherings, couples date activity with friends. You must be able to relate with and manage all types.

If you qualify and are interested in interviewing, please apply by email using form below.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your qualification to work at The Zone Escape Rooms. Please give a general idea of how many hours per week you would be interested in working, as well as a general availability schedule (for example: “available Tuesdays and Thursdays after 4:00pm and anytime on weekends”, etc.).

We will reach out to you by private email to request a resume and more information.

Please DO NOT CALL the phone number on the website. This number will reach the Booking Office and they are not the people to make hiring decisions. Please RESPOND ONLY BY EMAIL using this form.

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