Your team was out exploring the tombs of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. During the exploration, one of you removed a stone that was embedded in the old walls! Realizing the path you are walking down is collapsing behind you, you rush into the first corridor you see to get to safety. But now you find yourselves blocked in an area that’s not marked on the map. The only way to save yourselves is by finding the golden disk and presenting it to the Pharaoh. Hurry! You only have 60 minutes before the curse you’ve released takes over the crypt and traps you all in forever! Good luck!


This room is a great maze of corridors, puzzles, and magic. Many elements of the room are authentic to Egypt and is a creative way to learn and solve the mysteries and customs of the Pharaoh’s people..


This room can be played with as few as four people and as many as eight. The room is dark, so bring bright friends. For any questions visit our contact page.

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